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Hello and Welcome to my first domain! My name is Sandy. Sit
back and enjoy what I have put here for you. On my pages you
will find some wonderful things from friends that I have made
and visited on the internet. I have poems, pictures and updates
of my children and grand children, there are Awards and gifts
that I have recieved from some wonderful friends I have made.
You will also find an entire page of all the Web Rings and
groups that I have joined. Be sure to visit all the sites that
are linked to my web site and you have got to visit
my hummingbird pages. Keep in mind that this
site is not for my pleasure, but rather for your
enjoyment, so please, leave a note in my guestbook
on the next page. To begin your journey,
simply click the button at the bottom of this page.
Again, thank you for passing through,